Crowdsourcing an Ontology of Requirements Engineering approaches (CORE)

Monday August 31, 2020

Alistair Mavin (Independent Consultant, UK)
Sabine Teufl (Laing O’Rourke, UK)
Birgit Panzenstadler (Chalmers Technical University, Sweden)
Colin Venters (University of Huddersfield, UK)

The full-day CORE working session will engage participants to develop an ontology of RE approaches. We actively seek both research and industry participation to harness the full breadth and depth of knowledge and experience of the RE community. Approaches will be mapped onto a two-dimensional chart; RE life-cycle and “maturity” of the approach. Participants will propose approaches and collectively determine where each fits in the ontology. We will identify the inputs to and outputs from each approach to show how approaches relate to each other. This will be a rich learning environment in which ideas are shared and new perspectives will emerge. The ontology itself will be a significant tangible asset that will provide an holistic overview of the RE domain. Participants will be able to identify approaches they can use, see areas ripe for new research and opportunities for collaboration. The session will be participatory, engaging and fun.

Hello CORE participants

  • You should have been sent a link to Discord by the RE20 team. Please register with Discord in good time before the session on Monday.
  • Whether you are onsite or remote, please be logged on to Discord by 10.30 Swiss time on Monday.
  • There is a link in the CORE Discord channel to Miro, which we will be using as our main interaction canvas. Please also log on to Miro in good time.
  • Those in Zurich please note that all of the organisers of CORE are attending remotely, so you are advised to allow time to find the room and the allocated student volunteer/tech support to ensure that the IT kit is set up. Please have a headset so that you minimise the risk of feedback.
  • We will ask everyone to introduce themselves, including the following:
    • Name and Institution
    • Experience in RE
    • Why you registered for CORE
    • What you expect from the session
    • What you see as the value of the ontology
    • How the think the ontology may be used in the future

We look forward to a lively session on Monday.

Mav, Sabine, Birgit and Colin (CORE organisers)